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Black and Skabuddah

Laura Black and Russ Scavelli are among the top entertainers in Key West.

They have preformed almost every venue on the Island. I first meet them playing at Capt Tony's Saloon. Great people and great singers.  

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Bud Moore

Bud Moore was a musician and a landscaper. While still in high school in Winston-Salem, N.C., Bud played in many adult bands -- too young to drink in the bars but already an accomplished bass and guitar player with a mellifluous voice. He joined world-famous musician Bo Diddley's band and toured Europe with him in the 1970s. His music took him from North Carolina to New Mexico and California before returning to his Winston-Salem home. From there, he set out for Belize, intending to make his home there, fulfilling his passion for Mesoamerica and Mayan history. When he returned to the U.S., Bud chose to live in Key West.

He played bass with the Carl Peachey Band at Captain Tony's for the last eight years as well as created some very beautiful gardens around town, including at the Angelina Guest House. Besides music and horticulture, Bud was passionate about car racing, history, geography, biology and archaeology. He was a master raconteur and always had a great story or a joke to tell. He was also a songwriter and a fine artist. Bud made friends of everyone he met and his special friends, who knew him well, mourn his loss in February 2010.

Toko Irie

Toko Irie

 Toko Irie, originally from Grenada, has been jamming island music in Key West for the past 15 years. He is best known for playing the steel drums with an artistic sense of speed combined with a unique 3-stick method of playing. Introduced to the pan at the age of 9, Toko Irie honed his skills on an old steel drum given to him by a pan maker who lived in his village. At age 14, he formed a group with his brother and his cousin and they had the opportunity to compete annually against the island’s best in the Carnival competitions. An age 19, he became the musical director for a 40piece steel pan group who performed around the island as well as on cruise ships. 

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